Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hi there and welcome to the first post on this blog that is actually relevant to the title...
Let's dive right in to the topic so you aren't here reading all day. Recycling...
Not quite sure how to start this speech out, so it's going like this...
Global warming is (apparently/questionably) a big issue in the world today. (Apparently) The reasonable way to help out in the solution would be to help the world by recycling, therefore not having to create as many plastic products. HOWEVER, melting down the plastics that were already made into your water bottle, to make another water bottle the exact same size and shape seems a bit redundant. And all that burning plastic does a number on the ozone (depending on whether or not you believe in global warming). So if the burning plastics are worse for the environment (global warming) than just letting them sit there, why do it?
The answer? Simple: companies make money off of it. They don't pay anything more than the fee of delivery because people willingly recycle their plastics. They melt the plastics down, make new products out of it, slap a label on it that says 100% recycled, knock the price up by double, and the whole cycle continues. They make way more money than you spend on the ridiculous things they put IN the bottles. All because they got the plastic for next to nothing, melted it down for next to nothing, made new bottles, and shipped them out with a "green label". I for one don't buy recycled stuff because it's just for the yuppie dickholes who think that they are saving the environment single-handedly. Ignorance is bliss though, so let them spend the extra money on it... Anyway, that was my theory/rant. I should have the next one by later today or tomorrow.


  1. What about football conspiracies? With the Patriots Raiders game in 2002 it makes you wonder...

  2. IMO all the recycling stuff is a load of balls.

    Global warming and slow destructin of the planet is going to happen anyway, it doesnt matter what we do, if she wanted to the earth could wipe us out anytime she wanted to.

  3. i'll be telling this one to all the hipster recycling fags i know

  4. So you're saying it is better for the bottles to be used once then sit in a land fill, instead of being reused because that it actually better for the environment?
    Those companies that reuse the bottle still need more new bottles and will just be melting more, new, unused plastic into brand new bottles, then those will pile up in land fills. They will continue making new bottles by melting plastic pellets and the old bottles will just sit in land fills, piling higher and higher.

    Use your head, nub.